3D modeling

We model, visualize and contextualize products to increase sales, reduce costs and drive customer engagement and conversions.

step 1

Multi-purpose 3D modeling

Generate top-quality multi-purpose 3D models at scale and significantly faster. Leverage the flexibility of 3D modeling and showcase your entire product portfolio.

step 2

3D product visualization

Make expensive product photoshoots redundant. Generate as many product variations as you need. Different colors, various materials, numerous patterns and even design variations.

step 3

3D lifestyle scenes

Place your products in context with custom 3D lifestyle scenes. We create beautiful, high-quality product imagery to fire up customer engagement and boost your conversions.

3d modeling

A three-step process

To guarantee dependable results and provide a flawless experience, we strictly follow a three-step process. We understand that every client is unique, with their own specific goals, which is why we emphasize clear communication and transparent project management. Our talented team of 3D modelers meticulously attends to every intricate detail, aiming to deliver exceptional and lifelike services of the highest quality.



In the initial step, the client initiates the process by providing us with product photos, precise measurements, and additional details pertaining to desired color and material variations.



Subsequently, our proficient 3D modeling team meticulously creates the 3D models of the products, drawing upon the photos and information they have received in the initial stages.



Once we have ensured that the final results accurately depict the real products, we will promptly deliver the 3D models in a variety of available formats for your convenience.

The new standard — 3D configuration

A new standard to boost sales and increase customer engagement with interactive 3D for eCommerce.

FAQ about 3D modeling

3D Modeling involves the creation of a three-dimensional representation of an object, environment, or structure using specialized software.

At Ymage, we offer cutting-edge 3D visualizations, multi-purpose 3D modeling, animations, Augmented Reality (AR), 3D product configurators, and expert image post-processing.

Industries ranging from furniture retail, real estate, and automotive to consumer electronics can benefit immensely from our tailored 3D modeling solutions.

  • Lower costs: Once a 3D model is created, it can be reused for various purposes, thereby reducing costs in the long term.
  • More flexibility: You can easily make design changes to a 3D model without incurring significant expenses.
  • Reusability: The same 3D model can be adapted for various visualizations, from lifestyle images to packshots and 3D animations.
  • Better quality: 3D models provide a higher level of detail and customization, enhancing the visual appeal.
  • Multi-purpose deployment: The model can be used across multiple platforms, whether it's AR experiences, online catalogs, or promotional animations.

  • Multiple variants: Easily create and showcase numerous design variants such as colors, materials, and styles.
  • Product staging: 3D models can be staged in different environments to offer customers a 'real-world' view.
  • Animations: Dynamic animations can be created to showcase the features and utility of a furniture piece.

  • Streamlined Inventory: No need to maintain a physical inventory for photo shoots.
  • Reduced marketing costs: Use the same 3D models across multiple marketing channels.
  • Faster time-to-market: Shorter production timelines mean you can market your product quicker.

We use industry-leading software such as Blender, 3DS Max, and Maya for our 3D modeling projects.

The time required varies depending on the complexity of the project. However, we pride ourselves on our efficient delivery timelines.

  • Expertise: With a proven track record, we have the expertise to elevate your brand.
  • Global clientele: We are proud to serve a discerning global clientele who trust us for our quality and reliability.
  • Custom solutions: Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

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