benefits outsourcing image editing for your business
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  • Benefits of outsourcing image editing for your business


    Outsourcing certain tasks is nothing new. Not only a large company’s outsource certain tasks but also small ones are doing it for many years now. With good reason, because in many cases it’s just pointless to start building up in-house knowledge that creates no added value to your core business. We are convinced that finding the right outsourcing partners is crucial to take your business to the next level.

    If you’re good at something, it usually means that you do things more efficiently and you can deliver more added value so both your business and your customer's business will benefit. That’s actually a simple definition of doing good business. There are many services which large but also small companies can provide with tremendous added value, enabling you to grow faster than you could ever imagine.

    In addition, with the right partner on board, knowledge is transferred. Making you not only more efficient but also smarter and giving you a clear view of the future. Finally, it will strengthen your company’s resources, yielding faster and sustainable growth in all directions.

    Outsourcing is based on trust and dares to let things go

    The fate of your business not in your own hands is usually the first thought that enters your mind when thinking about outsourcing. No more control? Difficult for any entrepreneur, and we understand that all too well. But nothing could be more from the truth. Make the right choices and you will become stronger than ever before.

    Entrepreneurship is all about making choices. New territory? Trial and error kick in? Something you want to avoid at all times. Everything streamlined perfectly from day one is dream come true but far from the reality we live in. Decisions must be made and the learning curve must go up.

    That’s why you, as an entrepreneur, feel inclined to take ownership of everything, including every little detail in your daily operations. Letting go is hard, we do understand because the illusion that everything you realize yourself is done better, always exists.

    If it concerns your core business, we fully agree. You have the vision, perspective and obviously know your business model like no other. So the question rises; at which point do you start by outsourcing certain tasks? The answer is actually very simple. Once you realize that some tasks can be performed with more efficiency, resulting in a more successful business, outsourcing is on the table.

    Being well informed is a must

    Does outsourcing cost money? Actually, it should save money but without evaluating profitability you have no base for drawing conclusions on money well spent.

    We do realize that for every company, money is almost as important as the air we breathe. Without money and the right investment, growth is not only difficult but almost impossible in today’s business climate.

    But we also realize that you can not just start outsourcing without any guidelines or a well-thought plan. The first priority before diving into a new investment is gathering information because you can only spend your money once.

    So make sure you surround yourself with the right people and start asking the right questions. This will bring you one step closer to choosing the right partner to outsource certain tasks and get a return on investment.

    When choosing the right partner to outsource certain tasks it will free more resources in the form of time and money, resulting in a more successful business situation.

    Outsourcing image editing

    Have you ever worked with Adobe Photoshop or another image editing program? Give it a try and edit some images. You will notice very quickly that it takes a lot of time for getting things done on a professional level.

    You want perfect results and of course, maximize efficiency. Then you have three possible options: you can do it yourself, you can hire a local expert (full-time or part-time) or you can start outsourcing.

    The perfect result regarding your image editing tasks does not need any clarification. Efficiency on the other hand is rather vague in this context but can be broken down into multiple factors that you can evaluate: speed, capacity, cost, reliability,…

    Look at it this way. An efficient machine must be worth the investment. The speed, reliability, and associated cost are all taken into account before you can evaluate the investment made. For outsourcing, the same rules apply. Whether it’s a machine or team of highly trained experts with an optimized work-flow, both can be evaluated on some common ground.

    So we are looking for a point of reference to evaluate an outsourcing partner for large-scale image editing. To do so, we highly suggest to ask yourself to follow questions:

    • Is there a fundamental base for trust and reliability between the two partners?
    • Are there professional references available?
    • Are there guaranteed lines of communication and are those lines always open?
    • Is there trustworthy advice for decisions to be made?
    • Is there continuity and consistency and how is this guaranteed?
    • Is this partner a socially responsible company?
    • Does this partner offer a quality guarantee?
    • How much time and money do I save by outsourcing with this partner?
    • What efficiency gains will this partner bring for my company?

    Actually, these are all common questions that you want to be answered whenever you search for an outsourcing partner. Each question should have a very clear answer or a partnership is already off the table. If certain answers are vague or unclear from the start, you probably knocked on the wrong door. So think twice because in time, a wrong partnership can cause your business a lot of pain and will have serious implications on your company’s path to success.

    A practical example

    Let’s illustrate what an image editing outsourcing partner can bring to the table. We take some simple numbers so that everything becomes clear in an instant.

    Let’s say you hire an in-house graphic designer for a job of 300 images. This highly trained expert is amazingly efficient and can process one image every 8 minutes. So the time needed to process all images is 2400 minutes, 40 hours, or a standard workweek. Finally, you pay this graphic designer a conservative $1,000 for the delivered performance.

    Alternatively, you outsource the same 300 images to Ymage. The cost will never exceed $300 and completion can be realized in only a few hours. Let’s be conservative and assume that we deliver within 24 hours.

    Sparing you the details about consistency, quality, availability, work-flow optimization, and much more, we conclude two simple things from this exercise. First, you save up to 70% on your budget and second you save 85% upon delivery time. Not bad for just 300 images, right?

    So let’s crank up the numbers and repeat the exercise. Or, fill in your own numbers and be amazed by the efficiency gains you will achieve for your business by outsourcing with the right partner.

    Efficiency gains and customer relationships come first

    Both efficiency gains and customer relationships are of utmost importance for every business. Communication, guidance, advice, availability, or just a cup of coffee to achieve a win-win situation for every customer we serve is our highest priority. Hard work but also a lot of fun, and in the meantime doing what you do best while taking your business to the next level.

    So take your time to evaluate your current situation with regard to your image editing tasks and certainly don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We are happy to answer all your questions about image editing and outsourcing for your business.