Change photo background

Change photo background

Why would you change the background of your product photos? To increase the conversion and get it to the highest rate possible. When you want to make that happen, image editing is a service you simply can't miss out on. The full online shopping journey always starts with a good image. Do you need a professional photographer for this? Not necessarily, because we are able to upgrade any image taken by yourself. Even taken with a smartphone. The most important here is the lighting setup and the resolution of the photos. A lot if possible with editing when this is taken care of.

Do you want to upgrade your images even more? Create a clear contrast between the product and background by photographing the product in front of a white background. Along with a good lighting setup will it be a piece of cake to remove the background almost completely. Don't worry, the background will never be perfectly white like a color code in Photoshop. Here is some extra editing required.

Changing the background of a product photo starts with removing the background. Once this is done, literally any background is possible: a transparent background, white background, or colored background, whatever you can imagine. It also allows you to you use the photo wherever you want to. For example, gathering photos in one image, fancy backgrounds, or just the background for advertising and communications. All without too much extra effort.

So are you in the middle of this and aware of the impact of high-quality photos for e-commerce, advertising, and print? Do you have a high volume batch of photos that you want to be edited to the right 'look and feel'? Feel free to start a free trial of our services. Our experts are there for you 24/7 to return results that amaze you every single time.


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