From Cutoutcow to Ymage!

Our history

An ordinary day in 2015. Two colleagues, Jan and Alexander, recognized an inefficiency in the e-commerce industry — the importance of photography post-production. Later, that ordinary day became a special day. An idea was born! It led to a deeper understanding of the challenges companies forced to optimize the sales process. Faster and higher quality photo editing was the challenge with the natural consequence of creating a cost-effective and efficient production system for e-commerce photo editing.

Something that sounds easier than it actually is but essential for daily online operations for many businesses. Online retailers, digital agencies, studios, photographers, manufacturers, brands, magazines, advertisers, and many others understand this recurring challenge all too well.

Of course, efficiency also means automation. They shared their story with a technical wizard. Colleague Christopher came on board and after a few days, the first application was launched. Starting with small projects, such as image background removal for e-commerce, they gained more and more insight into the challenges these companies faced. They found out that there was a growing demand in additional image editing, complex photo retouching, but also consulting and strategy for digital content optimization. Thus the core-business developed itself to a full-range image editing service which made Cutoutcow able to keep serve and unburden their customers at its best.

Year after year, the demand for more optimized content, creativity, technology, and digital expertise continued to grow. Cutoutcow had established itself as the reference for image editing expertise. So, it all became even more fun, they always liked the digital world, and there were no limits in that world. But what about Cutoutcow? The name was fun and playful but no longer covered the full services of the company. Of course, Cutoutcow is a big part of the identity they formed over the years. So, time to look into the future again.

It meant they had to take it to the next level. New name, new brand identity, state-of-the-art applications, and additional services to show the full package. Launched, certainly not finished, but certainly future-proof. They've known for a long time that optimizing your brand or company image is something they are second to none. A logical choice for the new company name soon followed, actually a no-brainer, and that's how Ymage (= Your Image) was born!

In short, Ymage is there to give your company a strong foundation and to innovate. As a digital content agency, Ymage helps companies develop a competitive advantage, with creativity and strategies, driven by talent and technology.

Try it for free. Scale image editing efficiently with unprecedented speed, consistency, and quality. Ymage makes it possible!