From Cutoutcow to Ymage!

Our history

In the year 2015, an ordinary day turned into a milestone as colleagues Jan de Bildt and Alexander Mertens identified a prevalent inefficiency in the e-commerce sector — the critical role of post-production in photography. This realization sparked a breakthrough idea, leading to a deeper comprehension of the trials businesses face in optimizing sales processes. The key challenge identified was the need for faster, superior quality photo editing, which naturally demanded the development of a cost-effective and efficient production system for e-commerce photo editing.

While it may sound straightforward, the task is complex yet critical for the routine online operations of myriad businesses such as online retailers, digital agencies, studios, photographers, manufacturers, brands, magazines, and advertisers, among others.

Recognizing the correlation between efficiency and automation, they brought their insights to a technical expert, colleague Christopher Leyssen. The first application was launched after only a few days, beginning with smaller projects such as image background removal for e-commerce. Gradually, they gained greater insight into the multifaceted challenges these businesses faced. They discovered a rising demand for additional image editing, intricate photo retouching, as well as consultation and strategy development for digital content optimization. Hence, the company expanded its core business to a comprehensive image editing service, enabling Cutoutcow to offer the best support and relief for their customers.

Over the years, the demand for optimized content, creativity, technology, and digital expertise has surged. Cutoutcow has successfully established itself as a leader in image editing expertise. While the digital world, which they've always cherished, offers limitless possibilities, it led them to reconsider their brand identity. Although Cutoutcow encapsulates the playful and dynamic identity they've formed over the years, it no longer encapsulates the extensive range of services they offer.

It was time to level up. A new name, refreshed brand identity, cutting-edge applications, and added services were needed to present their full range of offerings. They were aware of their unrivaled expertise in brand and company image optimization and knew it was time to acknowledge this in their branding. Thus, the decision for a new company name was an obvious one, leading to the birth of Ymage — Your Image. The launch marks a significant milestone, but the journey continues as they aim to create a brand that is not only contemporary but future-ready.

In essence, Ymage is committed to providing your company with a robust foundation while driving innovation. Operating as a digital content agency, Ymage empowers businesses to carve out a competitive edge by blending creativity and strategy, underpinned by expert talent and cutting-edge technology.