Are you a manufacturer with your own brand(s)?

Your product images need to fulfill a certain standard before they are deployed worldwide because you need to uphold your brand perception.

The last thing you want is inconsistency in your brand representation. Every brand label needs to uphold a predefined standard and rules of engagement need to be set.

Doing things the right way means creating a universal communication line in how these images are used or spread worldwide.

How to control your standard?

First, the standard is set. Every detail is carefully determined from shoot setup to post-production. To the smallest detail.

The second step is where a Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Product Information Management PIM system comes in.

Realizing both are necessary but also guarantees that you determine the rules of engagement when your brand is perceived by the world.

This is the synergy between service and technology. One can't live without the other! Managing, creating, and optimizing exceptional visual content according to standards on every level is fundamental to increasing online sales and enhancing brand perception.

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