How to build a 3D CAD library?

We can create any 3D library for any design software, outputting any format you like. We can base our 3D renders upon your 2D or 3D drawings or even start from scratch.

By implementing a library of your products, the (for example architectural, mechanical,...) designers at the end of the chain, will be given the chance to use your products in their design. What's not to like?

Let's say you sell furniture feet

If a designer creates a new sofa and chooses your feet from an existing library, you are certain that you receive a large order when the sofa is taken into production.

When we go to work, we add real colors, materials, sizes, finishes, making it exceptionally beautiful and directly usable inside your 3D design visualization software.

So invest a little per product and gain a lot. We're used to high volumes at very low prices because we know the market.

Want to know more about creating a 3D library? Please email or contact us directly.