What are configurators?

E-commerce is more than just selling products online. Just like in the store, it's all about the customer experience and it is important to translate the purchasing process as naturally as possible to the online experience. A configurator with which the customer can assemble tailored products as he wants is an asset that shouldn't be underestimated.

More success thanks to a better customer experience

A configurator saves time by simulating in-store processes. The customer can assemble his product the way he wants and when he wants. The better the translation of the purchasing process to an online platform, the more comfortable for the end-user, and the faster the potential customers are convinced. So a configurator has many advantages:

  • Perfect for putting products in the spotlight.
  • Saving time and being more efficient, because the customer can configure his product in advance.
  • Tailored to the product, with endless possibilities for VR and AR.

Save time with an online configurator, speed up the sales process, and convince your customers to buy now! Want to know more? Please email info@ymage.com or contact us directly.