Invisible mannequin photo editing

Invisible mannequin photo editing

Using a mannequin is a must to show your fashion in a professional way. The items for your website like the one above are photographed on a mannequin-doll or model. This adds a natural shape that your customers want to see before they even consider any purchase.

Removing that mannequin in the post-process editing will result in a more professional look and avoids a disturbing mannequin in your product image. Once done, we only need the correct information to show the fashion items entirely and at their best. The shape will be correct in the first place (apart from some minor corrections), but some parts of the actual item are still missing. Such as a collar, inside, sleeve, or bottom part depending on the type of fashion item.

That needs to be fixed, right?! Therefore, we use efficient techniques to recreate the missing parts. The only thing that we need you to do is to take a second photo of the hidden parts and we put them together into one realistic dynamic image. This is what can be recognized by collar placement, invisible mannequin, or ghost mannequin.

The example above shows much more than just creating the ghost mannequin effect. There is much more edited using Photoshop. The collar, inside, and bottom part of the jacket are recreated in the photo of the mannequin. It makes us prefer to call this technique either an invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin which actually covers all minor and major edits that can be done. Think about additional wrinkles, dust & scratches, and dents removal at the same time to get that nice and tidy result that amazes your customers by looking through your webshop or magazine.

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