Photography management system


phomas photography management system

With Phomas, cloud-based e-commerce photography management software, they offer you one solution to manage and optimize your entire e-commerce photography and copywriting process!

By taking advantage of the Phomas automated tasks, consistency, and quality is ensured. The unique Phomas image conversion engine offers options for automated image generation for market places and affiliates, saving time and money!

In short:

  • Generate shot requests based on product groups
  • Generate photographers orders
  • Image upload features via (s)FTP or User Interface
  • Optional automated images development based on a unique color profile
  • Flexible retouch workflow, allowing your retouch partner to work directly from the Phomas solution
  • Online approval / commenting
  • Automated image generation for export
  • Supporting multiple export locations (market places / affiliates / cash systems / sales tools)
  • Progress monitoring

Boost sales by speeding up the process.

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