Photo background removal

Photo background removal

Removing the background of a photo can be done in many different ways while using Photoshop. The complexity depends on the contrast between the product and the background. Provide a good resolution and a clear picture.

Are there hardly details visible? Adding a clipping path when removing the background is really sufficient in that case. It will only be a matter of some clicks to remove the background after drawing a path on the edges of the item.

In case the photo includes a lot of details another kind of clipping is required. Start with creating a copy of the original layer. Followed by increasing the contrast factor until the photo becomes black-white. This allows you to select the product based on this difference in color and the background can be easily removed.

Photoshop supports many more intelligent ways to remove the background of a photo. Take the 'Magic Wand Tool' for example. Set a certain tolerance and select the white part of the photo. Start with removing the copies layer that while keeping the selection. Followed by moving the 'Eraser Tool' over the edges of the product. Finally, the background will be removed if everything is set well.

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