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  • Updated specifications for product images in GS1 Data Source.


    Since January 1, 2021, a new GS1 got introduced for product images in GS1 Data Source. From now on, the standard applies an updated appropriate digital asset management policy, retaining the possibility of universal communication as a result. Read more about the role and significance of this global specification for product photos in our previous blog.

    This update applies to the food, drugstore, and do-it-yourself, garden and animal sectors. But what does this mean for your company?

    The new image size in GS1 Data Source

    Earlier this year, the ratio of 2:3 or 3:2 was adjusted to 1:1 in GS1 Data Source. The images are in line with GS1 Global this way. It means that images should no longer be a landscape or portrait canvas, but square. You would say that is done in no time. Just adjusting the format and move on, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is because billions of product photos are placed on websites every year and these must all be square in time. Imagine that your business may need to adjust many more images from now on. Just because of a changed specification standard. Fortunate-ly, you get extra time for existing images. These must be adjusted before 1 January 2023, provided they are not removed from the product range before 1 September 2023.

    The updated GS1 standard checklist

    Previously, images were sized as 2400x1600px (3:2) or 1600x2400px (2:3). From the 1st of January 2021, they should be at least 2400x2400 pixels (1: 1), with a maximum of 4800 pixels per side. This is slightly different for smaller products. With products <12cm the sides are at least 1200 pixels, with products <6cm the sides are at least 900 pixels. Find the rest of the checklist below:
    - Save as TIFF file (LZW compression / Transparent).
    - Apply an aspect ratio of 1: 1 (square).
    - Set the resolution to at least 300 dpi.
    - Name the clipping path ‘Path 1’ and add at least 1 alpha channel.
    - Color settings: RGB Adobe 1998/8 bits.
    - Place the product in the center of the image.

    The advantages of the GS1 standard

    The importance of good product images is paramount. This is crucial for customers to make the right choice. The efficient exchange of product images between different parties is of great importance for this.
    - Suppliers only must deliver product images to customers once.
    - Retailers and wholesalers have continuous access to the correct product images.

    Adjusting the images

    We conclude that it requires a small adjustment. Only the format needs to be adjusted, but possibly an adjustment that increases the pressure on employees. We understand better than anyone else that this change also means that many images must be adjusted. A project that content teams, in addition to their daily activities, can’t handle. In this case, outsourcing image editing is the solution. Ymage is fully aware of the new standard and provides images that comply with the most recent GS1 standard.