What're Ymage contributions to CSR?

With our efficient visual content optimization process, Ymage contributes to higher conversion for its customers but also to honest and reliable products.

We believe it is important to deal responsibly with the world around us and think carefully about our impact. High efficiency and quality for fair prices lie not only in a sustainable way of working (digital) but also in the circumstances it happens.

This means that we strive to make a positive contribution to the local economies where we operate, through fair competition and remuneration, training employees, and working with international standards in areas such as working conditions, safety, health, discrimination, and environment.

Always going the extra mile for all our employees is the foundation of the success of our organization and, we will never forget that it is a continuous improvement process. Therefore, we take great pride in knowing that we have a positive impact on the lives and world of all the people we work with.

You can find more information about our CSR policy here, email csr@ymage.com or contact us directly.