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  • More revenue by building trust with better product images


    A working webshop is obviously not the same as a successful webshop. Have you already launched your own webshop? If so, then you know only too well how easy it all has become and you can realize it in countless ways. A successful webshop is a completely different story.

    In this article, you will learn more about one very important building block in your online success story, namely trust! More specifically, building trust through product photos.

    Are you still searching, see here a small selection of possible webshop solutions:

    • Firstly, you can opt for an existing content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and so on.
    • Secondly, you opt for a ready-made solution and pay a fixed amount per month such as BigCommerce, Shopify,, Lightspeed,, and so on.
    • Finally, you can also have a fully customized webshop built if you want to play along with the big boys.

    But how is it possible that the webshops of multinationals such as IKEA, Coolblue, Apple, Philips, and so on all look so tight? The answer to that question is simple … budget!

    Money spent on making you feel good

    That is what marketing is all about, and therefore big budgets are spent on it. If you have ever built a website, I bet you wanted to make it look as beautiful as possible. And, when searching on the internet you can find a lot of “decoration”.

    Just think about all the “stock-photography” websites. People are spending hundreds of dollars to buy stock-images to empower the message on their website. For example, just check out the contact page of a dozen websites and you’ll find the same picture with the same woman wearing a headset like it is her on the phone when you call the number?! A big example of building trust. If we were to reflect on reality it would give a completely different picture, would not it?

    woman callcenter

    Stock photography provides a good way to build trust with your customers. A clean and structured website means a clean and structured and professional company as well. Ok, we recognize that branding is more than just images, but your brand must start somewhere. So, in most business cases, superficial profiling is important. At least, that’s what our brain tells us.

    "We identify companies with the impression that they give us. That’s marketing in its purest form and our brain falls for it every time".

    Also, if you only have a small budget it’s not so hard to give your customer a good feeling. There are a lot of sites where you can purchase complete templates of informational websites and complete online shops. Websites like Free Website Templates provide you even with free templates, but if you are for example starting an online jewelry store, why not invest like $100 in a complete jewelry webshop that is already fully operational? For example, Jewelry Templates where you can choose from many, many different templates. There must be the one you like?

    Good product images generate revenue

    So, if your website does not contribute to the trust of your potential customer, then you have a big problem. We spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on development, design, photos, videos, marketing, and so on.

    Then it is strange that you still see products or product photos appear (what it is all about) that are displayed in a terrible way.

    Take this cleaning product photo. The product photographer was certainly rushed and obviously had to complete a whole schedule. As you can see in the left picture, it sometimes just must go too fast. The quota is what it is all about product photography.

    This must be solved visually because damaged products are simply not sent to the customer and product photos generate direct sales because customers are simply visually tied to online shopping. Fantasize about the shape, color, texture, smell, and so on. This is what we do with every online purchase.

    Once the product has reached its destination, the customer evaluates the service and especially the product that was delivered. If the product photo deviates from the delivered product, you can forget it as a shopkeeper. Return the product, never visit the online shop again, and above all, no more trust!

    product photo before and after

    The picture above summarizes it well. On the left, you see a product that is dirty and damaged. The disappointment cannot be avoided.

    Why would you want to buy such a product? we cannot think of any reason unless you just poured a bottle of red wine on your brand-new sofa and no other cleaning product can be found on the whole internet. Unlikely right?

    The photo on the right, just the same photo but retouched by our specialists. Now ask yourself, which of these products would you order, and would you accept a damaged product?

    In conclusion, all things that distract from your product result in lower sales and a lack of confidence. Your product photos determine whether you will sell and earn the trust of your customer.

    Our photo processing service for small and large companies

    If you assume that time is money, you want the photo editing to be completed as quickly as possible. You do not want to do anything yourself. Because, you must invest your time in selling your products or as a photographer, making beautiful images. That is what you are good at. Efficiency is therefore important to stick to what you know best.

    Of course, you do not have anything against you to make your product photos yourself because not everyone has the same budget. If you choose the do-it-yourself option, this is your first step, going through some basic tips for good product photos. During the second step, again with a limited budget in mind, we show you how you can easily build your own photo studio. As a final step, and perhaps the most important of all, you outsource photo editing! Here too, you want to save, but above all provide top quality and so generate trust among your customers so that you sell more. Be smart and let them be edited by our experts. You will see that this saves both time and money. Not yet fully convinced, read the benefits of outsourcing photo editing for your company.

    Our platform is ready for you to upload your photos. You will receive them back within 24 hours and you can put them online. You win the trust of your customers and you automatically sell more. To try our service free of charge, no strings attached, , and upload your first 10 free test images!